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Who we are

At Natural Branding we are dedicated to providing ideas and solutions of the natural variety to convey your message in an original and ecological way.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are experts in the growing, distribution and marketing of cut flowers, plants, seeds and promotional gifts.

We find customized solutions for green marketing campaigns in order to improve brand association by allying corporate images to the positive values of nature.

Given our experience, Natural Branding is the best partner for advertising agencies and marketing departments of small and large companies when planning a Green Marketing campaign.02

Our Values:

  • Our passion for nature and ecology has led us to this way of life.
  • Respect for the environment is our cornerstone.
  • Concern for leaving a better world to our children is our main objective.

Green Marketing and Solidarity Marketing campaigns demonstrate these values while touching the heart of the consumer.

Remember that altruistic campaigns for the common good result in both short and long-term tangible benefits.

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