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Buy seed Paper size A4 (text/design free)

You can buy seed paper in our shop,, Natural Branding offers our 125gr  plantable paper in the form of blank (text/design free) DIN A4-sized sheets.Folio-sin-imprimir-papel-con-semillas

The minimum seed paper order is of 25 pages and is priced at 55 € VAT included, for the Iberian Peninsula. Check prices for other destinations.

For short runs it is always cheaper if you print your text and/or design yourself.

It is possible to print our seed paper from any printing device, with the exception of Laser, as it burns the seeds.

We have 3 types of seed paper with different seeds: rudbeckia, knapweed and poppies.

Our plantable paper is made from cotton fibres, which contain no additives, therefore permitting us to guarantee full seed germination in optimal weather conditions.

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