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Seeds sachets

Customized seed sachets with corporate logo and message printed.

There are two types of sachets


  • These sachets come in laminated and foil paper, which is hermetically sealed. Customizable on both sides and available from 5000 units and above.
  • Ideal as a gift for everybody, as they are both affordable and interactive. Available sizes from 50 x 51 mm, up to 100 x 120 mm.
  • Special presentation available for bottle and die-cut shapes.

Customised seed sachets


Recycled paper

  • Recycled paper, size 150 x 100mm. Customizable on both sides from 100 units and above.
  • Ideal as a wedding gift, for christenings, fairs, family reunions, conferences, marketing campaigns, etc…
  • You can choose from thousands of seeds, flowers, native trees, vegetables and aromatic herbs.