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Platable paper coasters? Why not?

We collaborated with Marourde to make these magnificent coasters made of plantable paper.

This February Marourde contacted us. They wanted us to help them, in a natural way, with their green marketing campaign.


papel con semillas para marourde - cara Apapel con semillas para marourde - cara B

Marourde is a company that produces spritz, it is an alcoholic beverage based on wine and sparkling mineral water. After adding honey, they have achieved a spectacular and delicious product.

Our seed paper can be used for many things, it is not the first time we make coasters, they are a good solution when a beverage company decides to do a green marketing campaign. It is printed on two sides so it is possible to see on one the advertising and on the other the instructions on how to plant the paper. After having your drink, you take the coaster and plant it at home.

After planting the coaster, you will see the flowers, whose seeds are part of the paper, grow. We have rudbeckia, poppy, centaurea, peppermint, chamomile and lavender seeds. These plants will feed bees and other melliferous insects, so they can continue to pollinate our fields.


The order

When they contacted us we sent them different samples of our plantable paper, when they saw the quality of this paper, they sent us the design that can be seen in the photo.

They asked us for 2000 units, which took us about 5 business days. We had to make a new die cut to get that hexagonal shape of approximately 10 cm, it was worth it.


About us

We have been offering green and natural solutions for green marketing and advertising campaigns for more than 10 years.

From Natural Branding, we not only offer paper with seeds, we offer all kinds of ecological products for marketing campaigns in favor of the environment.

We are happy when a customer, who cares about the environment and melliferous insects, contacts us. Join our cause, plant a tree, some flowers… Make a greener world.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also visit Marourde’s page.

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