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Plantable seed paper

See works done on seed paper

¡Turn your message with our seed paper into beutiful flowers, a salad, or leafy trees!

Papel con semillas duro de natural Branding para Triodos Bank

Our Seed paper is the ideal product for a Green Marketing campaign; direct your message to whomever you desire in an environmentally-friendly and surprising way.

Use seed paper for environmentally-themed campaigns and benefit from this successful marketing tool, which is used by leading advertising professionals.

Your message will be printed on ecological plantable paper, made from cotton and biodegradable fibres.

You can buy our seed paper  here

Whoever plants your message in the soil will see pretty flowers, vegetables,or even trees appear, in only a few days.

Imagine a Christmas or business card on seed paper. With your brand and message related to the environment, a healthier life, ecological values and an abundance of positives, it would be a difficult campaign for your customers to forget.

You can access our store to buy directly.

There are 2 types of seed paper:


Seed Hard Paper

Hojas troqueladas, en papel con semillas duro de Natural Branding para Correos.


Seed Paper characteristics:

  • Printed in 4 + 4.
  • A more robust form of paper: 130grs per sheet
  • Available with 3 types of seeds: rudbeckia, poppy and knapweed
  • Minimum order of 50 units

Our default sheets are 92 x 62cm. From this template, we can provide smaller dimensions as required.

If you want to make a greater impact, choose your own die-cut and shape your message. Contact us.


Seed Soft Paper


Papel plantable para Danone







Seed paper characteristics:

  • Printed in 4 + 0
  • Minimum order of 2000 units
  • Production time of 3 weeks

We recommend using wildflower seeds, pines, lettuce, tomato, grass, alfalfa, watercress or similar. Small seeds germinate easily and so, quickly make a positive impact on the client.

Plantable seed paper