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Air Purifiers

Improve air quality in your working environment.

A study by NASA on natural air purification stations and space vehicles provides a ranking of the 10 species with the greatest capacity for regeneration.

The purifiers reduce sick leave, create a healthier environment and motivate the workers.

Natural Branding has selected 4 of the most suitable indoor varieties for use in marketing campaigns, based on:

  • Robustness
  • Attractiveness and Decorative Value
  • Ease of care

Ideal for Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns or for distribution to customers. Join the group of socially-aware companies with health care workers using the distinctive Purerair.

Suggestions for campaigns:

For Clients

  • The distribution of plants, accompanied by an advertising campaign.
  • The purer air concept allows you to create advertising campaigns around the idea of improving the air quality of enclosed spaces.

For Employees

  • Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.
  • Placing plants in the workplace to improve the quality of the workspace.
  • We help you design a plan to improve the quality of life at work with purification plants:
    • Improving air quality.
    • Reducing stress of the workers.