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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

¿Do you help in the design of the campaign?

Natural Branding participates in the design of your “Green Marketing” campaign in line with what you require, always providing a complete range of solutions for every phase (ideas, designs, products, customization, production, delivery). If you wish, you can create your own bespoke designs from templates that we provide.

¿Can you deliver to my office?

We can arrange delivery to a single destination or a series of deliveries to different locations if required to do so.

¿How can I choose the right product?

There are various reasons why certain products are more suitable for certain dates. The trading prices for flowers and plants are daily and fluctuate according to supply and demand.

In order to achieve optimal flowering of certain seeds and bulbs, we cultivate in harmony with the appropriate season. At Natural Branding we are experts in a wide variety of flowers, plants and seeds, as well as being familiar with the peculiarities of germination and periods when products are more affordable.

¿Do you have a catalogue with prices?

At all times and depending on order volume, we can assure you the best deal. Our prices are updated on a daily basis. Contact us by phone 945 120 664 or by filling in this form.

¿Will the plants arrive in good conditions? How long they last for?

The plant species are chosen according to their beauty; therefore, we focus our efforts on guaranteeing the perfect presentation on delivery. 25 years in business allows us to offer a complete guarantee.

¿What is a personalized product?

Each product has customizable parts that vary. Templates are available if and when required. We are open to making any changes that you may desire. Simply tell us your idea.

¿How can I keep up with the latest Natural Branding news?

Just go to our blog where we have the latest news in Green Marketing and our latest campaigns.